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John MacMillan CRFA, CLTC, CSA

John MacMillan, ChFC® RICP
3 Werner Way
Lebanon, New Jersey, 08833
Phone: (908) 236-7500
Fax: (908) 236-7511



John MacMillan is a Registered Investment Advisor licensed by the State of New Jersey. He is a well know local financial educator specializing in fee-based financial and retirement planning for ‘seniors’ and ‘boomers’. With many years of experience, MacMillan Financial can assure their senior and boomer clients that time tested strategies will be employed in developing a roadmap for attaining their individual retirement goals.

At MacMillan Financial, we build your plan from the ground up. We start with a personal risk tolerance assessment, do a complete inventory of your assets, ensure that your insurance protections are adequate, examine tax implications and then do time-line studies using Monte Carlo simulations and Probability Analyzers to take the guess work out of constructing a retirement distribution program that sees you through retirement.

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John MacMillan is a well known local financial educator specializing in helping retirees preserve their assets and increase their income. He began his career in 1983 focusing on the small business market-place, working in the United States, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Holland, Central America and the Caribbean. Shortly after the stock market downturn in 2000, he opened a private client practice in West Central New Jersey. His company focuses on retirement issues facing baby boomers and their parents.

'John has successfully completed the most extensive educational program required for any financial services credential… the Chartered Financial Consultant designation. As one of approximmately 50,000 graduates since the ChFC© program inception in 1982, he has undergone rigorous advanced training in financial planning, wealth accumulation, estate planning, income taxation, life & health insurance, business taxation & planning, investments and retirement planning. He has also graduated another advanced program in retirement planning - Retirement Income Certified Professional - RICP©. This program specializes in income sources & distribution once you have entered the retirement phase of your life.

He has also completed the Certified Financial Planner coursework through the American College and has attained extensive independent study in retirement planning, long term care planning as well as specialized and broad-based examination of the health, social and financial issues that are important to today’s retirees.

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