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Robert Dash 
Bob Dash

Robert M. Dash, Key Companies...

Bob entered the insurance industry in 1975 as a management trainee with Allstate Insurance Co. after graduating from the University of Connecticut. In 1977 Bob joined Phoenix Mutual Life specializing in employee benefits where his main concentration was on small and mid-sized privately owned businesses. A few years later Bob left the career agency system to open his own independent firm, Key Financial Group, enabling him to represent many different insurance carriers. Bob set out to differentiate himself by providing a consultative approach of selecting the appropriate carrier and product to best suit his clients needs.

In 1998 Bob extended this approach to Credit Unions and their members by establishing Key Credit Union Programs, LLC. Bob's background, knowledge and experience keeps his firm in the forefront of products and strategies that most benefit their clients. This is evident today in their approach to educating the client and the client's employees as well as working with the client's advisors on CDHP (Consumer Driven Health Plans) and how they can reduce costs and better manage their employee benefits.

Life Insurance
Life insurance is more than just a monetary payment at death. Take a look at what this powerful financial product can provide for you…while you're still alive:

  • Can accumulate cash to cover future emergencies, investments, tuitions, vacations and major purchases
  • Can guaranteed a competitive, minimum interest rate
  • Can create a stream of income to supplement retirement
  • Family with For Sale Sign
  • New Equity-Indexed plans can be tied to stock market and maximize gains, with zero risk to principle
  • Life insurance policies can make great gifts for your young children, or grand-children!
When you die.
  • Can provide security for your family, in the form of a death benefit
  • Death benefit passes down tax-free
*Policy Watch - Some policies may be out of date, expired or over-priced. If you haven't looked at your's lately, we'll review it for you, free of charge, and show you how to maximize it. If you don't have one, call us while you can still qualify for low rates.

Mortgage Term Life
Mortgage term is a unique form of life insurance which appeals to homeowners.

If you died unexpectedly, do you have enough life insurance to cover your loan balance and leave your family free of the burden of unpaid bills and living expenses?

The #1 cause of foreclosures, as well as bankruptcies, is the lack of adequate insurance. For example, if you currently have a monthly income of $5,000, you'd need over $500,000 in life insurance just to generate that income upon your death. If you consider that these figures fail to represent inflation, taxes and new expenses over time, it's easy to see that mortgage insurance can be a smart, low-cost solution, or alternative, to a homeowner's life insurance policy.

A basic policy will cover the entire amount of your loan, for a stated number of years.

If you qualify, a disability rider can be added to help maintain your loan payments if you can't work due to an accident or illness.

As an added benefit, some newer plans can give you a full refund of all premiums paid, should you outlive the policy. Call for more details and a free quote.

Disability Insurance
For most people, being out of work can mean a total loss of income, loss of buying power and depletion of savings to pay bills.

Do you have enough savings to avoid hardship, if youHospital Picture were not able to work? If not, well-planned disability protection can offer the best way to replace your income and maintain your standard of living.

Plans can provide short or long-term protection, and some offer to return your premiums if benefits go unused.

Disability affects 1 in 3 females, and 1 in 2 males. Don't wait until you need it. Gain peace-of-mind by discovering what you can qualify for, today!

Long Term Care
Modern medicine has given us a longer life-span, not a care-free one. Imagine the burden on your loved ones, both financially and emotionally, should they be required to provide daily care for you. Will they still be willing and able to care for you, full-time, without sacrificing there own families and future?
Current nursing home expenses exceed $50,000* per year. How much will they be in the future?
There are 3 options:
  1. Pay for it yourself, or with the help of others
  2. Rely on Medicare or Medicaid
  3. Purchase Long Term Care Insurance

This is the single, most devastating threat to your estate. If you're considering Long-Term-Care benefits, and want to do something about it now, we can save you much trauma and at surprisingly low expense.

Annuities have been with us for decades, and have usually been favored by the wealthy. Lately, they're becoming increasingly attractive to IRA and CD owners, due to their higher-than-average interest rates, tax benefits and flexibility.

An annuity is a contract in which an insurance company makes a series of payments, with a fixed or variable interest rate, in return for a premium or premiums you have made. Most often purchased for future retirement income, annuities are the only vehicles that can provide a guaranteed income stream for as long as you live.

Interest rates on annuities can be well above cds, and gains grow tax-deferred. This feature alone can help you to beat inflation rates, and maximize cash accumulation.

Equity-Indexed Annuities
The newest and most talked about annuity, this vehicle has both a fixed interest rate, and a variable one which is linked to an index, usually the S&P 500 or Nasdaq index. As the indices rise, your interest rate rises, up to a stated cap. And since your gains are "locked in", you're not subject to market downturns as you would be if you invested in the market directly.

Equity-Indexed Annuities have consistently out-performed cds and money-markets, since their inception in the 90's. Although past performance is no guarantee of future gains, only this type of annuity can give you maximum returns with no risk to principal.

Whether you're a young couple looking to accumulate wealth for retirement, or a senior looking to supplement social security, a pension or to create a life-long income, we can help you acquire the ideal annuity to accomplish your goals.

Asset Protection
Retirement CoupleYour assets (home, savings, investments) are constantly exposed to frivolous
lawsuits, judgements and eventually probate (at death).
Attorneys and creditors specialize in preying on the very things you've worked so hard to achieve. Call us and learn how to "bullet proof" your nest-egg and avoid being a sitting duck.

Low Cost Refi Home Loans
Are you looking to refinance, buy a new home or get cash out of an existing one? You have a great advantage! MacMillan Financial has arranged special low rates on the loan of your choice.
If you qualify, you can get the money you need for your new home, rental properties,vacation home, bill consolidation or for any reason at all. "If you're a homeowner, we can show you how to use existing equity to finance life insurance, or create a lifetime income stream!"

Reverse Mortgages
Reverse mortgages were designed to help homeowners, 62 and older, remain in their homes and enhance retirement. It is a non-recourse loan that can release your home's equity and convert it into tax-free income. There are no restrictions on the use of funds, the borrower continues to own and control the property, and payments are no longer required for as long as the borrower remains in the home.

Whether your goal is to augment income, pay for future medical expenses or long-term care, or to simply enjoy the freedoms that make retirement worthwhile, unleashing home equity can be the key to a secure and well-planned retirement.

Live Settlements
Simply stated, a Life Settlement (or Viatical) replaces or eliminates unwanted life insurance policies. It provides a lump sum to meet new and changing needs.

This usually applies to seniors, who can no longer afford to pay for an older policy and/or need fast cash for emergencies.

Free Review
Is your insurance plan adequate, or soon to expire? Are your CDs or money markets keeping up with inflation?

Find the truth about what you're paying for. A portfolio review can save you thousands on unnecessary or over-priced policies. If you've ever had questions about your coverage, now is the time to call us.

The preceding is a few of the life-style preserving services we offer. Should you ever have any questions or feel we may be able to help, please call or e-mail us.


* Source: G.E. Financial Nursing Home Cost of Care Survey 2003
"There may be tax and interest payable if funds are withdrawn prematurely
or in excess of the maximum allowable. See details in your prospectus and
seek qualifi ed legal and/or tax advisors before investing."

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